18/03/2017 09:21 GMT

'Emmerdale': Angry Robron Fans Force Storyliner Off Twitter, Following Cheating Scenes

'Robert is more than just his sexual orientation - as is everyone.'

‘Emmerdale’ storyliner Joe Parkinson was forced off Twitter on Friday night (17 March), after angry Robron fans voiced their dissatisfaction over the latest turn the soap plot has taken.

In the most recent instalment of the ITV soap, the moment viewers have been dreading arrived, which saw Robert Sugden cheating on his husband, Aaron Dingle, by sleeping with former flame Rebecca White.

While the move to have Robert cheat on Aaron while he’s in prison previously riled viewers who wanted a happy ending for the couple, Joe was forced to speak out when some fans felt the storyline put bisexuals in a negative light.

Aaron and Robert in 'Emmerdale'

Addressing this suggestion, Joe tweeted (via Digital Spy): “[Robert’s bisexuality] isn’t why he cheats. It’s irrelevant. Cheating is in all soaps and isn’t dependent on their sexuality.

“Was the scene him saying, ‘I’m bi so must sleep with a woman’, or did he just sleep with an old flame who happens to be a woman?

“Judging anyone purely based on their sexuality is wrong and Robert is more than just his sexual orientation - as is everyone.”

Robert turned to an old flame as he felt rejected

However, Joe’s comments weren’t enough for some ‘Emmerdale’ viewers, who continued to bombard him with negative responses until he eventually made the move to deactivate his Twitter account.

Earlier this month, a message was posted on the ‘Emmerdale’ Twitter account attempting to calm down some Robron fans who took offence to Robert’s infidelity.

A show spokesperson said at the time: RE: #Robron storyline - the course of true love never did run smooth. Stick with us, there’s more to come.

Who said we won’t [allow them to have a happy ending]? There’s still more to come, keep watching.”

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