'Emmerdale' Barn Sex Scene Ruffles A Few Feathers

Chrissie and Andy? In the same barn as Robron? How could they?!

After more than a little bit of back-and-forth flirting, Andy Sugden and Chrissie White finally got it on in ‘Emmerdale’, and the aftermath of their rendezvous formed the content of a very saucy and breathless scene during Thursday’s (17 March) double bill.

It’s not that often that ‘Emmerdale’ bosses give us a properly saucy scene to enjoy, so as expected, this one has ruffled a few feathers with viewers:

Yes, Summer. Yes they did.

However, as many viewers pointed out, their choice of location was very interesting, as - unbeknownst to them - it’s where Chrissie’s then-husband Robert Sugden sealed the deal, shall we say, with his lover Aaron Livesy just last year.

And many Robron fans aren’t happy about it...

While Andy and Chrissie’s romance is currently a secret, it surely won’t be long before the rest of the village finds out.

Thanks to the fact Andy was (until very recently) Chrissie’s brother-in-law, we reckon the other Dales residents will have plenty to say on the matter.

Meanwhile, Robert has other things to deal with, and he’s currently supporting Aaron in the run-up to his dad’s sexual abuse court case.

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Sophie Powles

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