‘Emmerdale’ Spoiler: Charity Dingle Announces Herself As The Woolpack's New Owner

Will the power go to her head? Yes, probably.

Charity Dingle has finally returned to ‘Emmerdale’ following actress Emma Atkins’ maternity leave, and the character doesn’t seem to have any plans to change her ways.

She also has a surprise in store for the village, as she’s going to announce herself as the new joint owner of the Woolpack. *gulp*

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After speeding into the village in a (stolen, of course) Ferrari, Charity causes chaos for Cain and Moira Dingle, and her new-found power as pub landlady will surely spell more trouble.

Emma has played Charity on and off since 2000, and she’s shared her delight at finally stepping behind the bar - though it’s fair to say her co-stars have given some much-needed mentoring.

Speaking of her character’s change of scenery, Emma says: It is just brilliant to see her behind the bar. Something very different.

“She will be under the watchful eye of Chas [Lucy Pargeter], but both characters can give as good as they get so it will be a colourful dynamic.

“My pint-pulling can literally floor my workmates, by being brilliant one minute and horrendous the next. It's a continuity extravaganza as I'm learning the ropes from the props guys and Lucy of course.

“It's a skill in itself having to say the lines, work the props and try and give a fluid performance without having an expression of dread wondering if the pint will have a good head of 'froth' on it!”

Cain and Moira aren’t the only residents who will be put out by Charity’s appearance, and she’s also set to cause problems for Ross Barton, when she blackmails him for cash.

She also has a bombshell for him, revealing that one of his biggest secrets is out.

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