'Emmerdale' Spoilers: David Metcalfe's Cancer All Clear Delights Villagers

But what does it mean for him and Tracy?

The villagers of ‘Emmerdale’ are delighted to discover David Metcalfe has been given the all clear, following his recent battle with testicular cancer.

However, there is one person who is worried what his recovery means for them - his fiancée Tracy Shankley.

<strong>David has been given the all clear from cancer</strong>
David has been given the all clear from cancer

Tracey (Amy Walsh) is forced to confront her fears when Leyla, Carly and Vanessa organise a joint stag and hen party for the couple at the Woolpack later this month.

As everyone is celebrating their engagement and David’s good news, Tracey worries he won’t want to marry her without cancer over her.

However, David (Matthew Woolfenden) - who for some unexplained reason is dressed as a naughty nurse in PVC uniform and full drag make up - is quick to reassure her over her concerns.

<strong>David reassures Tracy that he still wants to marry her</strong>
David reassures Tracy that he still wants to marry her

While David has survived his battle with cancer, it seems as though one resident will lose their lives in the coming weeks, as it has been rumoured James Barton (Bill Ward) will be killed off in a dramatic new storyline.

‘Emmerdale’ airs these scenes on Wednesday 21 September 2016 at 7pm on ITV.

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