11/08/2017 13:22 BST

'Emmerdale' Spoilers: Newcomer Ned Porteous Previously Appeared In 'EastEnders'

You might have seen him in another soap just one year ago.

Soap fans just might recognise the new addition to the ‘Emmerdale’ cast.

On Friday (11 August), show bosses announced that Ned Porteous would be joining the show as newcomer Tom Waterhouse, a new business client for Charity Tate.

Ned Porteous in 'Emmerdale'

However, he’s no stranger to appearing in one of the UK’s biggest serials, as just 12 months ago he was involved in one of the biggest ‘EastEnders’ storylines of the year, when he arrived in Albert Square as Grant Mitchell’s son, Mark Fowler.

Speaking about his new soap job, he gushed: “I was really delighted to secure the role of Tom. I’ve never played a character like this before and I am very excited to see how his story develops!”

Ned starred in 'EastEnders' last year

Tom is introduced to ‘Emmerdale’ fans when Charity reveals she’s landed a new business client, eventually fighting over her mum, Debbie, about who should clinch the deal with the soap newbie.

He’s one of two new arrivals on the scene, with his right-hand man, Graham Foster, to be played by Andrew Scarborough.

Andrew is best known for his portrayal of farmer Tim Drewe in ‘Downton Abbey’, and already has a multitude of credits on stage and screen to his name.

The new arrivals

He said of his latest role: “Graham is an interesting guy. He’s a bit enigmatic but he definitely has hidden depths, which I can’t wait to explore and he’s fiercely loyal to his boss Tom. I see Graham as a man a little like Alfred, the butler in ‘Batman’.”

Both Ned and Andrew’s first scenes will air in ‘Emmerdale’ next month.

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