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‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Pierce, Rhona And Paddy Actors Discuss ‘Extraordinary’ Episodes

The trio are at the centre of a very dramatic week...

In case you didn’t know already, ‘Emmerdale’ bosses are about to treat us to a huge week of drama.

The special run of shows will see one character as the focus of each episode, and next Tuesday (18 October), it’s Pierce Harris, Rhona Goskirk, Paddy Kirk and Marlon Dingle in the spotlight.

The Huffington Post UK were lucky enough to have join the cast on location, having a sneak peek at filming and catching up with the actors at the centre of the drama, including Jonathan Wrather, Zoe Henry and Dominic Brunt, who play Pierce, Rhona and Paddy respectively.

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Paddy and Marlon are alarmed when they hear someone in the woods (then relieved when it's Rhona...) 

The trio are all involved in the mystery stunts, and Jonathan explained to us and other reporters how the week will actually work.

“There are a few jumps forwards and backwards to sort of tease you and then everyone’s stories just converge into this one cataclysmic event,” he said.

“We all end up in the same place at the same time, tragically and then this whole thing happens and it’s extraordinary, huge and just not what you expect – it just comes out of nowhere.”

Their specific episode will see Rhona travel to meet Paddy and Marlon, who are on a camping trip with their son Leo, where she opens up to Paddy about her current beau, Pierce.

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Pierce rushes to find Rhona, after working out she's with Paddy 

After a tumultuous few weeks, the former couple agree to put the past behind them, but when Pierce then shows up, he sees them embrace and totally gets the wrong end of the stick.

“Pierce storms off and I scream for you [Paddy],” Zoe explained. “Paddy’s quite lovely and says, ‘right, come on’, and takes Rhona to chase after her boyfriend which is very nice.”

However, at some point, disaster will strike - and we could be saying goodbye to one of them by the time Friday arrives.

While the cast are all sworn to secrecy on which ‘Emmerdale’ character will die, the actors were able to discuss how viewers have felt about Rhona’s new relationship.

Actress Zoe admitted: “People are not loving Pierce, not in an awful way but as in, they’re wanting him to be the baddie. Any hint that Jonathan [Wrather] gives of being slightly controlling, they’re loving it and leaping on it. And as I say, everybody loves Paddy.”

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Paddy and Rhona's hug will anger Pierce, but things will get even worse just moments later... 

“Paddy has such a strong following and so do Paddy and Rhona as a couple,” Jonathan said. “Dom plays Paddy in such a way that you sympathise with him, even though he’s been a bit of a love rat. There’s something about him that makes you warm to him.

“You empathise with him – not what he did but because of who he is and how it came about.

“So a lot of people root for them, but in the meantime Rhona has found happiness with a character who is completely different and under different circumstances and people are rooting for them.

“So when Paddy comes back and it’s a spanner in the works for all concerned and a little bit awkward - people have been divided over who they want Rhona to be with. On the whole, I’m sensing on social media that people are saying: ‘It’s great to have Paddy back but what bad timing!’”

We do love Pierce… but saying goodbye to Paddy doesn’t even bear thinking about, does it?

Tune in to ‘Emmerdale’ on Tuesday 18 October to see what happens. 

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