‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Crash Stunt Details Revealed By Experts Drafted In To Make Them Happen

'This is one of the largest TV soap stunts we've ever done.'

Eagle-eyed ‘Emmerdale’ fans may have worked this out earlier this week, but it’s been confirmed that the huge stunt in tonight’s (Thursday 20 October) two episodes will be a car crash.

The week’s shows have seen different character sets hurtling towards their fate, and at least one won’t make it through alive.

<strong>This is just one of the many vehicles at the centre of the action </strong>
This is just one of the many vehicles at the centre of the action
ITV Pictures

While the details of who is being killed off are being kept under wraps, we can now discuss the crash itself - hooray! - and The Huffington Post UK were lucky enough to join the cast on set, while the explosive scenes were being filed.

While there, we spoke with stunt experts Bickers Action, who explained just how huge the scenes are.

Five of the company’s experts were on-set, and the stunt director told us and other reporters that “this is one of the largest TV soap stunts that we’ve done”.

“It’s over fifteen vehicles that we prepped for it in different forms and different stunts,” he said. “We’ve been working on that in our workshop for over a month now.

“It’s quite a lot of lead up to being here this week, really.”

<strong>Will Paddy and Rhona make it out alive?</strong>
Will Paddy and Rhona make it out alive?
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To give an idea of the scale of the episode, the stunt director added: “We’ve put nearly four or five hundred hours’ worth of labour into prepping everything and meetings.

“In the scheme of things, the prep side is probably heavier than what’s done on set.”

The first of tonight’s shows will focus on Ashley Thomas, who is set for heartbreak when he forgets who his family are, midway through baby Dotty’s Christening.

He’ll then return home, but somehow also end up in the huge accident.

The other characters (literally) heading for disaster are Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle - who have Lachlan White in their boot - Pierce Harris, Paddy Kirk, Rhona Goskirk, and Emma and James Barton.

At least one of them will die - but who? Read our ‘Emmerdale’ episode guides and cast your vote in the poll below…

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