Police Are Pursuing An On-The-Loose Emu In Oxfordshire After It 'Gave It The Legs' As Life Imitates 'Hot Fuzz'

The bird is not thought to be a flight risk.

An emu on the loose in Oxfordshire is “causing a few road issues” as police carry out a Hot Fuzz-style pursuit of the bird.

It is not thought to be a flight risk.

Thames Valley Police was called just before midday on Sunday to help track down the bird, which was seen running in the road at Chiltern Bank, near Henley-on-Thames.

The force said the bird “gave it the legs”, which suggests it was aware of the attempts of its re-capture, and compared the hunt to the British cop comedy where characters attempt to recover an errant swan.

The animal was later spotted in Shiplake Bottom and Hilcrest Lane, and was last seen running across fields in the Sonning Common area. It is believed to still be on the move.

The roads policing team wrote: “Our own take on #HotFuzz!

“This fella on the loose causing a few road issues in Sonning Common, when we approached him he gave it the legs!

″‘Offender’ outstanding, last seen across the fields!”


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