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“We can’t just up and move to another planet. This one is ours and it’s our responsibility to make sure we fix it for future generations"

Why Antarctica?

We went to Antarctica to film a documentary about climate change. Except we wanted to do something different.

We didn’t want to try and match the BBC or National Geographic and make something beautiful. We all know Antarctica is beautiful. We wanted to show the other side. The grit, the determination it takes to even get out there. The damn hard side of actually filming in such an unforgiving environment. Besides, there were only two of us going - a miniscule operation compared to other camera crews.

Lucy Sherriff using Dawn Kelly as a human tripod.
Lucy Sherriff using Dawn Kelly as a human tripod.
Chi Wa Lao

So, fast forward weeks of intensive research and planning, and we find ourselves onboard the Ocean Endeavour.

This documentary is about people. Because climate change is about people. The current conversation mostly consists of numbers and percentages and degrees, but it’s hard to be inspired by a number.

So we stick our cameras in everyone’s faces and demand they explain why they’re here. What drives them? What effects of climate change do they find? What are they going to do when they get back? How are they trying to save Antarctica - and the world?

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