Euro 2016: England Win Against Slovakia Could Encourage Brexit, Claims New Poll

England will qualify for the last 16 if they avoid defeat against Slovakia

An England win against Slovakia tonight could help push the UK towards Brexit, a new poll has shown.

A survey by BMG Research for London’s Evening Standard shows that victory for Roy Hodgson’s team this evening would strengthen some football fans support for Brexit.

Nearly one in six adults said an England win would make them more likely to vote Leave on Thursday. However, 11 per cent said England progressing in Euro 2016 would make them more likely to back Remain.

The findings come on the same day that Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore revealed all 20 clubs in English football’s top tier wanted the UK to stay in the EU.

Speaking on Radio 5 Live, Scudamore said: "There is an openness about the Premier League which I think it would be completely incongruous if we were to take the opposite position."

He went on: “We would just be, I think, respected less around the world for not wanting to be part of something.

“Nobody bears the scars more than me of having to go and negotiate in Brussels and try and organise things a little bit in our interests in terms of the European machine.”

Scudamore added: “Ultimately you can't break away, you can't just pull out, you have to get in and negotiate and try and organise and try and influence.”

Earlier this year the official Remain campaign, Stronger In, produced a list of which Premier League clubs would be affected by Brexit.

Working on the basis that EU players would be subject to the same visa rules those from outside the EU, new signings would have to have played a minimum percentage of international matches over the previous two years.

The percentage varies according to the country’s world ranking.

According to Stronger In, players such as West Ham’s Dimitri Payet, Leicester’s N'Golo Kante and Man United’s David de Gea would all not automatically qualify to play in the Premier League.


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