Euro 2016: Man Doesn't Let Feuding Football Fans Stop Him Finishing His Pint

True Englishness epitomised.

A football fan has become the face of true resilience, refusing to engage in violent clashes during Euro 2016 this weekend.

The nimble man in a blue buttoned-up shirt was caught on video avoiding a feud that broke out in France, as concerns grow for thousands of football supporters' safety.

<strong>A triumphant drinker retreats from the scene with his pint still in tact</strong>
A triumphant drinker retreats from the scene with his pint still in tact

He was seen stepping away from two groups of fans throwing chairs, drinks and punches at one another across an outside bar ahead of three clashes scheduled for Sunday.

The anti-aggressor vanishes from frame in footage filmed of the event, only to return seconds later to retrieve his half-drunk pint.

With a cigarette in his mouth, he aptly leans back to his table - just metres from where the brutal fight was taking place - and successfully rescues his beverage.

The clip, which reveals some of the extreme violence football fans are engaging in during the tournament, comes after UEFA, the European football governing body, warned teams could face disqualification for supporters' actions.

They took aim pointedly at England and Russia, whose fans clashed on Saturday.

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