14/06/2016 10:02 BST | Updated 14/06/2016 18:49 BST

Euro 2016 Footage Shows Horrifying Attack As FA Raise 'Serious Concerns' About Fan Security For England V Wales Match

Comes as Russian hooligans upload GoPro attack video.

FA chairman Greg Dyke has "serious concerns" about security ahead of the England v Wales Euro 2016 match on Thursday as shocking footage emerged of a pack of Russians hunting English fans and beating them with make-shift weapons.

England and Wales face off in Lens after England's previous Group B game against Russia was marred by violence on the streets of Marseille and inside the Stade Velodrome.

On Tuesday footage was uploaded to YouTube showing a group of Russian men armed with metal pipes and bottles chasing down England supporters who they then beat to the ground. The Huffington Post UK has decided not to show the footage as it is clearly aimed at glorifying the attacks.

A video was uploaded to YouTube showing Russian hooligans rampaging through the streets, while filming their violence on GoPro cameras

The emergence of the video follows comments from French prosecutor Bruce Robin on Monday that 150 Russians were responsible for much of the violence ahead of England's opening match with Russia on Saturday. There were reports that Russian hooligans were hunting English fans earlier in the day, and following the final whistle they were seen chasing Brits through the stands. 

Robin said of the Russian hooligans: “These people [the Russians] were well prepared for ultra-rapid, ultra-violent action.”

Russian MP Igor Lebedev responded to the claims by saying: “I see nothing wrong with football fans fighting. On the contrary, well done to our boys! Keep up the good work!"

As of Tuesday only two Russia supporters had been arrested, something prosecutors said was down to their ability to evade capture, while six England fans have been jailed. 

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FA chairman Greg Dyke has 'serious concerns' about security ahead of the England v Wales Euro 2016 match on Thursday

The men, aged from 20 to 41, all appeared at court on Monday and were given sentences of between one and three months.

Uefa threatened Russia and England with expulsion from the tournament following the ugly scenes.

Dyke has written to the governing body of European football to defend the role of English fans in the crowd trouble during Saturday's match  - and labelled the stewarding at the match "unacceptable".

In a letter in which he condemned the behaviour of football fans on the streets of Marseille, he said: "The implication in your jointly-addressed letter is that English fans were in part responsible for the terrible incidents at the end of the match with Russia.

"This is contradicted both by the video evidence and by the fact your independent disciplinary bodies have only instigated sanctions against the Russian Football Union.

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Six England fans have been jailed for their part in the fighting on the streets of the city in south France which involved 150 "hyper violent" Russian hooligans

"We believe the stewarding arrangements in place were unacceptable. Supporters were able to get in with fireworks and flares, and then let them off, and there was insufficient segregation between the Russian and English fans, particularly given the events of the previous two days."

Referring to the match in Lens on Thursday, Dyke said: "We are planning to use our high-profile individuals to ask English fans to act responsibly and in a respectful manner and we take seriously your suggestion of sanctions.

"We understand there is to be an alcohol ban across the host cities and we would welcome this, particularly in Lille on Wednesday where many English fans have been asked to gather ahead of Thursday's match against Wales in Lens.

"We have, following consultation with the authorities, advised our supporters without tickets for the match in Lens to congregate there, and whilst we will be working hard to positively influence their behaviour we have serious concerns around the security arrangements for the city in the next few days."