27/02/2020 09:43 GMT | Updated 27/02/2020 10:11 GMT

Eurovision 2020 UK Entry: James Newman To Represent Us In Rotterdam

Listen to the song by the brother of John Newman, who has previously written for Louis Tomlinson, Little Mix and Ed Sheeran.

Singer-songwriter James Newman will represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, it has been revealed.

James – who, yes, is indeed the brother of fellow musician John Newman – was confirmed as this year’s UK entry on Thursday morning, with his competing song My Last Breath receiving its first play on both the Radio 1 and Radio 2 breakfast shows.

The My Last Breath music video has shared online later that morning, showing James walking around some icy mountains in the border between Poland and the Czech Republic.

He said: “It’s such an honour to be representing the United Kingdom this year at Eurovision – I still can’t quite believe it!

“I’m also so proud to be taking My Last Breath as the song. I wrote it with some of my best friends, who are amazingly talented songwriters in their own right.”

Victor Frankowski
James Newman in the My Last Breath music video

He added: “I knew it was ‘the one’ after first recording it. I just loved the simplicity and universal message of the song.”

In the past, the singer has co-written top 10 hits for Little Mix and Jess Glynne, not to mention chart-topping tracks for Rudimental and Calvin Harris, the latter of which was a collaboration with James’ famous brother.

He has also worked with former One Direction singers Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, as well as Olly Murs and Kesha. 

My Last Breath was co-written by James, alongside Ed Drewett, Iain James and Adam Argyle, whose past credits include One Direction, Dua Lipa and James Bay.

Last year, the UK was represented by former All Together Now winner Michael Rice, who finished at the bottom of the pack with just 11 points in total.

Following this, it was revealed that the BBC would be taking a different approach to the competition in 2020, beginning with axing the Eurovision: You Decide shows, which allow the public to vote for which act and song are sent.

Instead, it was revealed the BBC would be collaborating with the record label BMG to decide on a song and artist to send as the UK’s representative.

Empire Management
James Newman

Eurovision 2020 will be held in Rotterdam, following Duncan Laurence’s victory for The Netherlands, the first time they had won the competition since 1975.

The UK last won Eurovision in 1997, with Katrina And The Waves’ song Love Shine A Light.

  • Bucks Fizz from Britain, 1981
    Bucks Fizz from Britain, 1981
    Photoshot via Getty Images
    All the (primary) colours of the rainbow. 
  • Verka Serduchka from Ukranie, 2007
    Verka Serduchka from Ukranie, 2007
    SVEN NACKSTRAND via Getty Images
    Disco ball-meets-WW2 garrison caps. We'll be in the bunker.
  • D'Nash from Spain, 2007
    D'Nash from Spain, 2007
    SVEN NACKSTRAND via Getty Images
    This is 10 years too late to even be acceptable, guys.
  • Jedward from Ireland, 2011
    Jedward from Ireland, 2011
    Sean Gallup via Getty Images
    That hair. 
  • Jedward again, 2012
    Jedward again, 2012
    Pablo Blazquez Dominguez via Getty Images
    Back again, in silver armour. 
  • Ruslana from Ukraine, 2004
    Ruslana from Ukraine, 2004
    Christopher Furlong via Getty Images
    Ruslana: "So there's this TV show called "Xena: Warrior Princess'..."

    Costumer: "Say no more."
  • Scooch from Britain, 2007
    Scooch from Britain, 2007
    HEIKKI SAUKKOMAA via Getty Images
    Britney's Toxic costume went to Butlin's and it didn't quite come back the same person.
  • Abba from Sweden, 1974
    Abba from Sweden, 1974
    Imagno via Getty Images
    Velvet, yaaas. Ruffles, yaaaaas. Chained shoulder pads, YAAAAS.
  • Eric Papilaya from Austria, 2007
    Eric Papilaya from Austria, 2007
    Johannes Simon via Getty Images
    Is this some kind of metaphor? The Austrian singer rising like a sequined phoenix out of the flaming ashes of dead dancers? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
  • Naviband from Belarus, 2017.
    Naviband from Belarus, 2017.
    NurPhoto via Getty Images
    Just a lot of lace. 
  • Yohanna from Iceland, 2009
    Yohanna from Iceland, 2009
    Oleg Nikishin via Getty Images
    Frozen before Frozen was even Frozen.
  • Jordan from Britain, 2005
    Jordan from Britain, 2005
    Ok so technically she didn't make it through to the actual show, but Jordan - aka Katie Price's bid for Eurovision glory in a latex catsuit with sparkly corset while heavily pregnant is TV history.
  • Joci Papai from Hungary, 2017.
    Joci Papai from Hungary, 2017.
    Michael Campanella via Getty Images
    Is a red bull near?
  • Nina Kraljic from Croatia, 2016
    Nina Kraljic from Croatia, 2016
    Vyacheslav Prokofyev via Getty Images
    So metallic. So futuristic. 
  • Sakis Rouvas from Greece, 2004
    Sakis Rouvas from Greece, 2004
    Simon Cowell prepares his imaginary friends for attack.