Everything I'm Buying For My Two Small Kids (And Myself) On Prime Day

I thought we had enough Magna-Tiles, but I was wrong.
A construction-themed Magna-Tiles set, orchid-colored Crocs, a copy of “See You Later, Alligator,” and a set of highly-rated washable down alternative pillows.
A construction-themed Magna-Tiles set, orchid-colored Crocs, a copy of “See You Later, Alligator,” and a set of highly-rated washable down alternative pillows.

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Full disclosure: It’s around 9 pm and I’m coming to you live from the floor of my preschooler’s bedroom. I should have been able to tiptoe away after bedtime to log some evening hours on a Prime Big Deal Days shopping guide for fellow parents, but my daughter’s mom-dar is so highly attuned that she emerges from what appears to be a deep sleep every time I try to creep away.

So, I did what any sensible mom on a deadline would do — I silently opened my laptop, turned the brightness down on my screen, and starting browsing Amazon while my tiny captor snoozes peacefully next to me. Luckily, the retailer is offering some browse-worthy parenting deals this Prime Day, and I’ve put together a list of toys, clothes and practical kids products that are definitely going to be in my cart this week (along with some pain-relief items I’ll need in the morning after spending the night on the floor).

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A TheraGun Prime massage gun (15% off)
I actually already own a Theragun, and in all seriousness, it’s come in handy for both my husband and I, who have fallen asleep on the floor next to our daughter’s bed countless times and woken up with stiff necks and lumbar regions seizing. The brand’s Prime model comes with four versatile attachments for targeting different parts of your body and a customizable speed range. It also promises to penetrate 60% deeper into muscles than other handheld massage guns. If you’ve been considering one, know that this is one of the lowest prices it’s been at all year.
Beckham Hotel's insanely highly rated down alternative pillows
On the nights when my husband and I are fortunate to sleep on our mattress, it’s usually because our preschooler has cajoled (or simply wailed) her way into our bed — so I need a few more pillows. This set of two 250-thread count down alternative pillows might just be some of the highest-rated options on Amazon, and the price is most certainly right. They promise to breathe (a huge plus when there are so many bodies in bed) and, even better, they can be machine-washed.
A tub of legendary cleaning paste
“Are you a parent?” wrote reviewer Dallas Gates of this reportedly miracle-working cleaning product. “Yes? Period. Buy it.” OK! This is one of scores of glowing reviews for this longtime viral product that promises to rid surfaces of stubborn stains and grime.
A variety pack of tiny Squishmallows (26% off)
We have a handful of these popular stuffies — in various sizes — already scattered around our home, and surprisingly it’s the smallest ones that get the most attention. I think this multi-pack will come in handy for birthday parties, stocking stuffers and those little moments where you need to create a distraction (ie, every five minutes).
A copy of "See You Later, Alligator" (40% off)
My kids are really into reptiles right now, so I think they’ll get a kick out of this rhyming book. It tells the story of a turtle that takes its time (and rhymes) in saying goodbye to all of its friends. (I can relate.) My older one has started picking up on rhyming elements in song and making ones up for herself — something that I want to encourage.
A unisex kids' sweatsuit available in a bunch of cool colors (26% off)
How dang adorable is this monochrome sweatsuit? This cotton-and-recycled-poly blend looks ultra comfy, and it's available in a bunch of very swaggy colors like lavender, high-vis green, and brown. It's available in most kids sizes.
A construction-themed set of Magna-Tiles (30% off)
After purchasing two of the brand’s Jungle Animals tile sets, I thought we finally had enough Magna-Tiles to go around — and based on the screams that continue to erupt every time endlessly customizable magnetic building blocks come out, I was wrong. Apparently you can never have too many Magna-Tiles, so I have my eye on this construction-themed set to round out our collection.
A set of dinosaur Magna-Tiles figurines
Another popular Magna-Tiles option: this set of five colorful dinosaur figurines intended to complement any existing building pieces.
Or a Magna-Tiles world of dinosaurs (30% off)
If you’re sold on the dinosaurs but want to incorporate some building pieces into your purchase, try this extensive set that includes reptilian figurines like a triceratops and a velociraptor along with 16 oversized building tiles for creating sets that worthy of the mammoth ancient creatures. It also includes 10 standard-sizes tiles.
Or a set of 100 Picasso Tiles (40% off)
If you’re among the many, many parents who have rightfully decided that the price of Magna-Tiles is just too high, you’re not alone. (There’s a reason that I am always looking to buy them on sale.) My understanding is that PicassoTiles are reeeally, really similar — translucent plastic construction, strong magnets and endlessly customizable combinations — but cost quite a bit less. For example, this 100-piece set originally retailed for about $60, which makes the Prime Day price for this assortment even sweeter.
A garbage truck set with a dumpster and three trash cans (32% off)
Years ago, we inherited a large and fairly thrashed toy recycling truck that has remained a surprisingly popular toy throughout my kids’ lives, from infancy to toddlerdom. (It’s also the most fought-over item when we have friends over for playdates.) Based on the truck‘s longevity, I have my eye on this truck, which looks a lot like the one we already have but comes with a dumpster along with bins for trash, recycling and even compost. Batteries are included to power the working headlights and horn, too.
A pair of orchid-colored Crocs (40% off)
I am never not buying new Crocs for my kids; we seem to need a new pair every six months. Luckily, you can get the ubiquitous, comfortable and easy-to-clean kids shoe on sale this Prime Day in a pleasing shade of orchid. Lest you think the season has passed for these, know that your kids can wear them well into the colder months with thick socks, and they’re great to have on hand as inside shoes during playdates or at school.
A set of four large packing cubes
Our family is going on a two-week international trip this spring — a first for my two girls — and I am already anxiety-planning how we’re going to live out of a suitcase for that entire time. I feel like these packing cubes will be the key to our success. This set contains four cubes, each roughly the size of a large laptop (about 17 inches) and I think it will enable to easily pack and identify clothes for each of the kids (and myself).
A set of Melissa & Doug play fruit (with a knife)
I’ve learned that you can never really have enough play food, and recently my older daughter has gotten really into a similar set of velcro-connected wooden vegetable pieces that she loves to pretend to cut with a knife. This fruit set will complement our existing cruciferous assortment, and I love that it comes with its own storage box so I don’t have to purchase yet another Hay crate to keep this set organized.
A set of "Numberblocks" figurines (20% off)
My sister recently introduced my kids to “Numberblocks” and they were totally hooked, so I’m buying these for her son’s birthday — he’s the original fan. These six figurines represent numbers six through ten and have posable arms.
A 65-pack of mini Play-Dohs (32% off)
I’ve written previously about my love-hate relationship with Play-Doh, but I just can’t quit the stuff — it’s definitely one of the most powerful bribery tools in my parent arsenal right now. I recently purchased a multipack like this one while I was parenting solo for a few days and it helped me ease some transitions. This 65-pack of one-ounce jars contains every conceivable color and even some metallic and confetti colors. I’ll keep this on hand for small gifts and party favors, too.
A JBL Go 3 portable speaker (50% off)
I have been meaning to buy a small Bluetooth speaker for our bathroom — I think playing the Frozen soundtrack during bathtime will help this part of our evening routine go a little more smoothly. As a number of HuffPost readers and thousands of reviewers have indicated time and time again, this small-but-mighty model is a great portable option with an enormous sound that belies its diminutive size (about three inches). It will play for up to five hours on a single charge, and is waterproof and dustproof (important). One reviewer called it a “pocket dynamo.”
A glue gun-like "pen" for drawing three-dimensional figures (30% off)
My kids are a little young for this toy, but it’s too cool not to include. This “pen” functions kind of like a glue gun: You load it with plastic “filaments” (the brand advises only using its proprietary ones) and create three-dimensional shapes with the colorful, moldable goo that’s extruded from the tip of the pen. Unlike a glue gun, however, the tool promises to be burn-proof and free of hot spots, making it safe for younger kids to create with.
A set of 50 no-slip kids hangers (39% off)
This set of 50 11-inch hangers will help keep the messiest of closets organized, and they have a toothsome velvety surface that will ensure clothes never slide off. I literally just bought this exact pack of hangers from the Container Store and I wish I’d waited to nab them today at a lower price. I have an embarrassing number of kid-sized hangers in my house (we have a lot of dresses) and I always buy this no-slip velvet variety. They keep even the strappiest of sundresses hanging firmly in place.

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