31/01/2017 18:13 GMT

'Ex On The Beach' Stars Respond To Criticism Of Show's Sexual Content

'Everybody does do it, the difference is that we have cameras in our face.'

The new batch of ‘Ex On The Beach’ contestants have defended the show’s more sexual scenes, insisting that they aren’t doing anything different from countless others enjoying themselves on holiday.

Over the past six series, the MTV reality series has established itself for pushing the envelope, in terms of shocking bust-ups and steamy sex scenes, the latter of which has seen it panned by more conservative viewers.

In an interview with Build, the cast of series six were given the chance to offer their side of the show, with the group defending the show from its detractors.

Tim P. Whitby via Getty Images
Josh, Harriette and Ross

When asked about sex on the show, current cast member Josh Ritchie explained: “Technically, you don’t see it. It’s under the covers. And you see it for literally about a minute… and Ross [Worswick] is already done by then. So…”

As he sniggered at his own joke, co-star Harriette Harper added: “I would say that everybody goes away and has fun on holiday - sun, sex and sand.

“So I think that everybody does do it, the difference is that there are cameras in your face.”

Tim P. Whitby via Getty Images
Harriette and Ross

Ross Worswick then concluded: “At the end of the day, it’s a reality show, isn’t it? So we’re doing what everybody else does in real life, we’re just doing it on TV…

“I also think as well, it’s how people [on the show] speak about sex that offends people more than actually doing it.”

The group were then asked to offer some advice to future ‘Ex On The Beach’ participants, with Josh claiming his would be to “sleep with loads of chicks”.

Tim P. Whitby via Getty Images
Good kaftan

Once again accompanied by Josh’s chuckles next to her, Harriette offered: “Just be yourself all the way through, because if you don’t, people see that. So just be true to yourself.”

‘Ex On The Beach’ airs on Tuesdays on MTV.

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