13/01/2017 17:45 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 17:48 GMT

'Exacto' Is An App Which Will Map Wheelchair-Friendly Places For People With Disabilities

"We need to develop innovative ideas for people with disabilities."

When Patricia Landeta wanted to meet her friend, who uses a wheelchair, they always had to go to the same place - because they didn’t know of anywhere else that was accessible.

“I wanted to do something for people with disabilities, so they could have the same freedom as everyone else,” Landeta explains.  

So she developed Exacto, an app designed to help people with disabilities find accessible places. The platform enables its users to share recommendations not just for places, but for routes too.

Once an accessible location is identified, users are then encouraged to share more information - everything from reviews of the food and service in restaurants to whether there are available braille menus.

There’s no official launch date yet, but Landeta hopes to take her app globally.

“I’m trying to make it free, or at least very very cheap,” she adds. “But it depends on what finance and support I can get. The idea is that the places being evaluated would want to offer special prices or promotions.”

Exacto was showcased at Dubai Design Week 2016.