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The right technology, at the right time, can prove life-changing.
Promotional feature from Sandvik
It's not the first country you'd think of as Europe's answer to Silicon Valley, but Norway is punching above its weight when it comes to problem-solving tech.
Artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday lives - but we are about to experience an extraordinary period of innovation
Ending destruction and corruption is a big and arduous task - but developing technology means we can get the evidence we need to expose it
I was exhausted. It had been a great week in Bangladesh, but the overload of language, smells, refugee camps, seeing old
If anything is going to cause cataclysmic loss of life in the coming decade, Bill Gates has argued, it’s far more likely
They had us at: "Engineer saves puppy"... 😍
Empowered by Artificial Intelligence, our smart assistants and devices have the potential to identify subtle changes in our
The NHS is currently experiencing a staffing crisis. According to official figures, one in ten nurses are leaving the NHS
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