'Previous Bad Feeling' Apparent Before Fatal Stabbing Outside Sheffield Cineworld, Court Told

Fahim Hersi was knifed as he went to watch British action film The Intent 2 with friends.
Cineworld at the Valley Centertainment leisure complex.
Cineworld at the Valley Centertainment leisure complex.

A 23-year-old man was stabbed to death as violence erupted outside a cinema complex, a jury has heard.

Fahim Hersi died following an incident outside Cineworld at the Valley Centertainment leisure complex in Sheffield’s Lower Don Valley, on September 21 last year.

Hersi had bought tickets to watch the British action film The Intent 2 with a group of eight friends, prosecutor David Brooke QC told a jury at Sheffield Crown Court.

Brooke said there was “previous bad feeling” between one of the men in Hersi’s group, Osman Jama, and Noel Ramsey, who went on trial on Monday accused of murder.

He said Ramsey was part of another group who were planning to watch the same movie that Friday night.

The prosecutor told the jury Hersi was waiting outside the cinema with Jama when the “violence broke out in the car park in front of the cinema.

“In the course of that violence, Ramsey received a wound to his leg but Fahim Hersi was fatally stabbed and died later that night.”

The jury was told that Hersi died from a stab wound to his heart.

Brooke told the jury that Ramsey admits that he stabbed Hersi but claims he was stabbed first and was acting in self defence.

He said Ramsey’s defence is that he picked up the knife after he was attacked and Hersi ran on to it.

The prosecutor told the court: “The prosecution cannot positively say that Ramsey came to the scene with the knife.

“We accept that it may well be the case that the knife used to fatally stab Mr Hersi had been used first on him by Mr Jama.”

The jury was shown CCTV footage taken from cameras around the complex.

One clip appeared to show Ramsey on the floor with Hersi advancing towards him with his foot raised.

Brooke said the jury may think this was Hersi advancing “to attack him”.

He said: “He (Ramsey) claimed Hersi ran onto the knife.”

A second defendant, Layton Morris, is alleged to have disposed of the knife used in incident.

Ramsey, 22, of Nottingham Street, Burngreave, Sheffield, denies murder.

Morris, 22, of Ferrars Road, Tinsley, Sheffield, denies assisting an offender.

The trial continues.


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