10 Stages Of Going On A Family Day Out As Demonstrated By Cats

How early is too early for wine?

We are not disputing that spending time with family is a great way to spend the Bank Holiday: but there is something about the occasion that puts us a little on edge.

There’s the traffic, everything being twice as expensive, and of course someone is going to need a wee at the least convenient time (usually the mother-in-law).

1. Planning a family day out with your children and in-laws.

2. Knowing it is going to rain but refusing to accept it.

3. Getting stuck in traffic as you pull off the driveway and the “are we nearly there yet?” begins.

4. Then someone needs a wee on the M4.

5. You finally arrive and dive head first into the nearest pub.

6. Before trying to complete your list of organised fun.

7. The children are momentarily getting on but you’re waiting for it all to blow up in your face.

8. You manage to get one good picture of everyone looking the same way (and not pulling faces).

9. And upload it to Facebook straight away so everyone knows you’re having a *wonderful* day with your family...

10. Finally getting a moment’s peace and then remembering you’re going back to work tomorrow.

Someone save us.