Family Promise To 'Calm' Mother With VR By Putting Her On A Rollercoaster

So mean and yet so funny...😂

Every now and then a video comes along that’s just infectious in its ability to make you laugh.

Sure, it might claim to offer something that you’ve seen before (in this case virtual reality), but there’s something about this one that sets it apart from the rest.

This is one of those videos:

To give some context, this is the mother of Megan Kelley.

After a month in intensive care, Megan’s father was finally told that he would be getting the double organ transplant that he needed.

With the family gathered in the waiting room, Megan and her family decided to calm their mother with a nice distracting VR experience, in the form of a rollercoaster ride.

Sure it starts slowly, but when that coaster goes over the edge her reaction causes an almost tear-inducing set of giggles from the rest of the family.

YouTubeMegan Kelley

In times of hardship there’s always one thing you can rely on for joy: A person’s first time using virtual reality.

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