Farmer Enlists Girlfriend's Favourite Cow To Help Pop The Question

Who said romance is dead?

A Scottish farmer enlisted the help of his girlfriend’s favourite cow to help him propose.

Chris Gospel of Aberdeenshire asked for Eilidh Fraser’s hand in marriage by getting down on one knee in a field in front of Curlytop, the cow who he had painted with the question “Will you marry me?”.

Fraser said yes, saying that the proposal had been “a complete surprise”.

The farmer was inspired by the unusual method by a similar stunt he had seen online and chose Curlytop as she is the bride-to-be’s favourite out of the cattle, as she is “affectionate” and viewed as more like a pet.

Gospel said: “She was a star. The writing was on the side and as were were walking up she was facing us.

“Eilidh could see something written on the side but not what it was. Curlytop came up to us and then turned.

“By the time Eilidh read it I was down on one knee and proposed.”

Despite being nervous, he decided to go ahead with it, adding it was “typical” of his sense of humour.

Gospel said Curlytop would get an invite to the wedding, but was unsure whether it would be accepted.

He added: “She’s still not forgiven me for writing on her.”


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