Farting Wombat Eats Corn And Lets Rip In BBC Video Interview

Like most of us, Pete just wants to eat his corn-on-the-cob and fart.

The old adage says you should never do TV work with animals or small children - and this is the exact reason why.

While filming for BBC Two's Natural World, the crew were surprised when Pete the hairy-nosed wombat let rip during an interview.

The man holding Pete was pretty chill about it, just saying "wasn't me".

As if his flatulence wasn't enough to disturb the interview, Pete also spent much of his time on camera aggressively munching a corn-on-the-cob like a ravenous beast.

Just like many of us, the adorable chubby little wombat goes from cute to ferocious in miliseconds when he wants a snack.

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