Revealed: UK's Favourite Pizza Topping Is Mushroom

Well, that was unexpected.

The UK’s favourite pizza topping has been revealed and... it’s mushroom.

Say what?

According to a new poll by YouGov, the fleshy fungus is the nation’s most liked pizza topping, followed by onion and ham. What an extravagant bunch we are.

Peppers, chicken, pepperoni and tomato also seemed to be high on the list of favoured topics.

Interestingly, and contrary to the President of Iceland’s remarks about banning ham and pineapple pizza toppings, 42% of people said they liked pineapple on their pizza. Take that Mr Jóhannesson.

Pork, tuna and anchovy toppings appeared to be the least popular among pizza punters. Meanwhile, just 2% said they only eat Margherita pizzas.

Discussing the toppings they’d quite happily ban, most people agreed that anchovies should be first to go, followed by olives and tuna.

Pineapple, meanwhile, came in fifth place.

The survey found that men were more likely to have meat on their pizza. They were also much more likely to enjoy chillies and jalapenos, while women are more likely to enjoy spinach.

The findings also revealed some interesting trends between different age groups.

The older people get the more likely they are to have mushroom or tomato as a topping. They also become less likely to want chicken, pepperoni, sweetcorn and pork on their pizza.