Fearne Cotton Is Taught How To Nail The Nearly-Naked Trend By Pam Hogg In 'Fearne On Fashion'

'Embrace the differences and not the normal acceptance of what is beautiful.'

Fearne Cotton has been persuaded to try one of the most daring trends of the season: Nearly-naked.

It takes some confidence to pull off a sheer Pam Hogg catsuit and who better to teach Cotton how to channel her inner catwalk model, than the non-conformist designer herself.

“I can see all my bits, they’re all there, but very strategically covered,” exclaims a blushing Cotton once she’s dressed in Hogg’s sequined creation.

James Grant

As well as dressing in one of Hogg’s signature catsuits, Cotton also joins the designer at an exhibition of ‘anti-trend fashion’ and asks her how she feels about the divisive term ‘vulgar’, which has been used to describe some of her pieces.

“There were different connotations when I was younger,” Hogg explains. “The word vulgar meant really distasteful.

“As time has gone on I just thought, this is great because actually it’s an unorthodox way of thinking and that’s exactly the way I work.

“It’s embracing the differences and not the normal acceptance of what is beautiful.”

James Grant

Fearne Cotton has delved behind the scenes of the fashion industry for a revealing new video series premiering on The Huffington Post UK Style. In the 10-part ‘Fearne On Fashion’ series Cotton shares an eye-opening insight into the chaos of Fashion Week, the virtues of vintage and what drives us to buy the latest high street trends in droves.

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