09/10/2017 17:26 BST

Female A-Listers Criticise 'Double Standards' Over Calls For Women To Condemn Harvey Weinstein

'Why should Meryl Streep speak out, but not, say, Tom Cruise?'

Jon Blacker / Reuters
Film producer and executive Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment 

A number of female stars have hit back at calls for women in Hollywood to condemn Harvey Weinstein, asking why men too should not stand up and denounce the Oscar-winning film producer. 

Last week, the New York Times alleged that over the course of three decades, Weinstein had made eight settlements with women who had accused him of unwanted physical contact and sexual harassment. 

In the wake of the news, a series of female A-listers who had starred in his movies were criticised for failing to censure the 65-year-old, who had been one of Hollywood’s biggest power brokers.

“Meryl Streep, Nicola Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow, who have all won Oscars for starring in Weinstein films, have made no public comment,” one story on MailOnline read. 

“The three women have also been happy to provide interviewers and reporters profiling Weinstein with sound bites and quotes about their affinity for the exec.” 

Mail Online
A MailOnline story criticised female stars for failing to denounce the Hollywood power broker

Now, a number of female celebrities - as well as activists and writers - have hit out at such comments for their “insidious double standards”. 

Sharing a tweet about the issue, actor and producer Jessica Chastain wrote: “I’m sick of the media demanding only women speak up. 

“What about men? Perhaps many are afraid to look at their own behaviour...” 

Former Charmed star Rose McGowan and Carina McKenzie, who pens TV shows in the US, also spoke out about the issue, with McGowan calling on men to be “allies”: 

Rose McGowan criticised some male stars for not publicly condemning Weinstein

Meanwhile, Better Call Saul writer Gennifer Hutchison wrote on Twitter: “It’s usually not safe for women to speak out against an abuser. Women are often not believed and punished for speaking out. 

“So... the best way for men to help is to use their privilege to support women. Believe women when they tell you this happened.

“Take action against the abuser ― don’t cover it up. Don’t make excuses. Don’t say stuff like ‘but what about his career?’ He’s responsible. 

She continued: “The biggest thing though? Confront other men when it’s just you dudes alone talking and they say shit like ‘grab them by the p***y’. 

“Even if it’s uncomfortable or scary. You have to call the shit out when these dudes feel they’re ‘safe’. If you don’t, you are condoning it.” 

Actor Mark Ruffalo was among the men who have spoken out against Weinstein, accusing him of a “disgusting abuse of power”. 

Meanwhile, Seth Rogen wrote on Twitter: “I believe all the women coming forward about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment. It takes bravery to do so.”

Yesterday, it was announced that Weinstein - who produced and distributed Oscar-winning movies including Shakespeare in Love and Chicago - had been fired as co-chairman of his business, the Weinstein Co, following the allegations.