Harvey Weinstein

The team behind the movies were no fans of Weinstein, who at the time was one of the industry's biggest players.
The disgraced movie mogul received the honorary CBE in 2004 for his contribution to the British film industry.
The disgraced film producer is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence in New York.
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The disgraced Hollywood mogul is going to prison in upstate New York.
Newly unsealed court documents include Weinstein's comments about the Friends star over an untrue report that she'd accused him of groping her.
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We need to accept that while Weinstein’s conviction is a rarity, his behaviours aren’t, freelance journalist Sophie Wilkinson writes.
Meanwhile, the president has been accused of sexual misconduct by nearly two dozen women.
Weinstein has been found guilty of rape and sexual assault, and could now be facing up to 25 years in prison.