Harvey Weinstein

The disgraced film mogul faces up to 25 years in prison.
Dozens of women have accused the producer of sexual misconduct, but his New York trial focuses on two alleged incidents.
Weinstein’s lawyer will likely try to use these messages to discredit the accusers. But contacting an abuser is common survivor behaviour.
The model assured the judge she would be able to remain impartial despite having met Weinstein in the past.
Three witnesses who allege that Weinstein assaulted them — but who aren't part of the case — could land the movie mogul behind bars.
The disgraced producer's trial just began in New York.
Jury selection is scheduled to start this week in New York City.
“I didn’t know that we had to bring our own mace and rape whistles,” comedian Kelly Bachman said to the audience, which included Weinstein and his entourage.
The model-turned-actor said the disgraced Hollywood mogul told her she'd "never make it" in Hollywood as a gay woman.
The director continues to hold a British honour despite being stripped of titles by other countries and institutions.