7 Rules When It Comes To Doing Fancy Dress At Festivals

Latex is not your friend.

The best thing about going to a music festival (apart from the dancing and the drinking) is being able to embrace your style in a way that would not really be deemed ‘office appropriate’.

It is officially time to get your glitter on and wear those harem pants you secretly adore but everyone else hates.

Although we love that we can (basically) wear whatever we damn like, there are some essential things to bear in mind...

1. There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Glitter

2. Avoid Casual Cultural Appropriation

3. That Includes Not Wearing A Bindi As Make Up

4. Don’t Wear Anything You Wouldn’t Want Mud/Beer/Piss On

5. There's No Such Thing As Overdressed So Go All Out

6. Think Outside Of The Box - You Don’t Want To Look Like Everyone Else

7. Remember, You WILL Need To Use The Toilet At Some Point...

Latitude Festival 2016

Before You Go