18 Films On Disney+ That Will Help You Escape The Real World Right Now

From the classic animations to the feel-good rom-coms, there's so much to enjoy.

With the UK now on lockdown, advised not to leave their homes except for a certain set of circumstances such as food shopping or exercise, the launch of Disney+ could not have arrived at a better time.

You can now to binge on over 500 films, 350 series and 26 Disney Originals on the company’s brand new streaming service.

Obviously getting through 500 films would be nothing short of impressive, so we’ve complied 18 of the best to see you through the coming weeks...

Disney+ is available now. HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.

1. 10 Things I Hate About You

This film is your classic rom-com. It’s funny, cheesy and a ridiculous interpretation of what high school is like. Whether it’s Julia Stiles witty one-liners, Joseph-Gordon Levitt’s hopeless romanticism or Heath Ledger’s serenade on the school bleachers, it’s a failsafe feel-good film.

2. Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit

The sight of a habit-wearing Whoopi Goldberg attempting to lead a classroom of unruly teenagers into a choir is uplifting enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Not to mention it’s where the world was first introduced to Lauryn Hill.

3. Cool Runnings

Hilarious and heartwarming, Cool Runnings is completely underrated in our opinion. Telling the journey of the first Jamaican bobsled team attempting to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics, it’s Disney without too much cheese, which is surprisingly hard to find. And who can forget the line, “Sanka, you dead man?”

4. Cheaper By The Dozen 2

A family of 12 kids on holiday is chaotic enough in itself, but chuck in another massive family, Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and a couple dogs and you’ve got full blown pandemonium. Not to mention a total cringe fest. Obviously we can’t get enough.

5. Hocus Pocus

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It doesn’t have to be Halloween to revisit this classic, with a stellar cast of Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy playing the three witches reigning terror on young boy Max who has just moved to Salem.

6. High School Musical

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Feast your eyes on a fetus Zac Efron and a handful of stars you can no longer recall and sing along (albeit a little out of tune) to the tunes in the first High School Musical. And if you have the time, there’s two more in the series, so why not waste away the afternoon watching choreographed dance numbers in the school canteen with beats provided by the basketballs?

7. Monsters, Inc.

While Sulley and Mike are the top scarers at the Monsters Inc, this film definitely won’t leave you with any nightmares. Ok, maybe creepy Randall will, but little girl Boo, makes up for it. Is there anything cuter?

8. Up

You know when you’re so hungover you’re close to tears at the smallest inconvenience? Then why not induce a full on sobfest with the first 10 minutes of Up? If you can make it through that, then the rest is silly, soppy and sweet.

9. Sleeping Beauty

As the fairytale goes, Prince Charming sets out to save Princess Aurora from her tower after being put in the ultimate snooze, fighting off dragons, armed guards and the mighty Maleficent as he goes. A Disney classic.

10. The Princess Diaries

When Anne Hathaway, or Mia Thermopolis, discovers she is the Princess of Genovia, she has to prove to her strict grandmother (played by Julie Andrews) that she’s worthy of the title, going from high school to high society. That makeover scene? Iconic.

11. Pocahontas

Colours of the wind, just around the riverbend, steady as a beating drum, Pocahontas is a film filled with song after song (thank you Vanessa Williams) that you can belt out while buried in a duvet. It never gets old.

12. The Parent Trap (1998)

While a far cry from dancing at a club in Mykonos, Lindsay Lohan’s earlier work in The Parent Trap is legendary. Playing both characters, it’s hard to fault the ridiculous storyline, as long lost sisters Hallie and Annie meet at summer camp and set out on a mission to reunite their parents.

13. Mulan (1998)

Mulan has everything a great Disney film needs; a lovable main character, arch rival turned love interest, moral dilemma and funny sidekick, not to mention one of the best makeover scenes in film in our opinion. Click play, get cosy and enjoy.

14. Mary Poppins (1964)

Julie Andrews plays the delightful Mary Poppins, a nanny employed by Mr Banks to look after his children, who spreads joy, happiness with a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Although Dick Van Dyke’s ‘cockney’ accent might make your ears bleed, it’s a movie we could watch over and over.

15. The Lizzie Mcguire Movie

This is what dreams are made of. No seriously. Amidst the somewhat questionable fashion choices, Lizzie and Gordo’s adorable friendship and the brilliant scenes of Lizzie one-upping the smug Paolo, it’s an all round crowd pleaser.

16. Hannah Montana The Movie

Remember when Miley Cyrus’s alter ego Hannah Montana ruled the Disney airwaves? Simpler times. With celebrity cameos left, right and centre (see Tyra Banks pictured), enjoy 97 minutes watching her juggle on on-screen persona with a budding romance, friendships and life outside of the stage. Just your everyday problems.

17. Freaky Friday (2003)

Making her second appearance on our list, Lindsay Lohan and Jamie-Lee Curtis make a surprisingly successful duo in Freaky Friday and watching them navigate the chaos of switching bodies is hilarious.

18. Camp Rock

Come for Demi Lovato’s vocals, stay for the dodgy hairstyles on the Jonas Brothers. Sorry Kevin. While Joe Jonas and Demi’s real-life romance didn’t last, this hit will always be a favourite on our list.

Disney+ is available now. HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.


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