01/04/2016 11:05 BST

Firebox's April Fools' iPhone Case Stops Phone Addicts Bumping Into Each Other

Don't pretend you haven't done this...

Well done Firebox, we salute you.

April Fools' is mostly full of terrible, terrible jokes but in this instance Firebox has just hit the nail firmly on the head. We give you the i-Dodge.


The i-Dodge is an iPhone case that uses the smartphone's camera to detect, and then alert you when you're about to walk into someone in the street.

Firebox claims that nearly 20 per cent of humans have admitted to accidentally bumping into someone after becoming too distracted with what was on their phone screen.


As Firebox rather gloriously puts it, this just isn't on:

"Let's face it, you know where you're going (roughly) so why should you have to look up and away from your phone screen to navigate? You shouldn't have to. You've got social feeds waiting to be mindlessly thumbed through, news alerts begging for attention, sh*t games not even worthy of the Atari to play, exes to stalk, other peoples lives to envy, boxsets to plough through."

Think of the i-Dodge as the parking sensor for your body except that rather than legitimately helping you it's actually just solving a problem that definitely shouldn't exist in the first place.