April Fools Day

The Heart Breakfast host was led to believe she was responsible for a listener's break-up live on air.
Brands from Pringles to Heinz have upped the tomfoolery this April 1.
Hundreds of Hungarians walked in a variation of incredibly silly ways right through central Budapest for April Fools’ Day. The silly walkers took inspiration from Monty Python's classic television sketch, with the organiser saying the event provided an opportunity for people to forget about their troubles.
Includes Jim Carrey beefing with Mussolini's granddaughter.
“I should have read this before I signed it,” the actor said.
Genetic testing can help you find your dream car.
While we all did our best to not be caught out by April Fool’s gags on Saturday, the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) has used
Read more on The Huffington Post A mythical creatue was revealed to be real by Michaela Strachan and ORCA: 12) Amazon Alexa
Admittedly, the news these days feels a little like pretty much every story could be some bizarre prank. But for April Fool’s
Animal lovers rejoice, you’re just one step away from babysitting your very own micro pig. The folks behind BorrowMyDoggy
As we open up to new and exciting technology that changes the world around us, we will of course encounter new threats. Whenever you are digitally connected, and whatever the form of content you are consuming, don't be fooled or caught out by something that's trending that you wouldn't normally trust under other circumstances.
If a Rolex is a little too flash and a Casio just screams hipster, then perhaps we can interest you in another classic timepiece
So now he can literally eat a giant bag of d*cks.
Don't worry, this one is safe to look at at work.