April Fool's Day 2017: The Ultimate Round-up Of The Best Pranks

Take a bow you bunch of prankers.

In an age where Donald Trump is President of the United States and Nigel Farage is on the front of a national newspaper AGAIN, it’s hard to know what’s real anymore.

Every April 1, aka April Fool’s Day, there are bound to be some prank news stories, but in a time of fake news, it’s super hard to differentiate.

However, we’ve gathered the best stories up so you don’t have to.

Here’s the ultimate round-up of the best April Fool’s Day pranks 2017

1) By Georgio

Great work from the Guardian on this one
Great work from the Guardian on this one
The Guardian

A big round-of-applause to The Guardian for this hilarious spoof claiming the former Chancellor is launching a new clothing line “for fashion-conscious business people”.

This, the newspaper pointed out, “reignites row over multiple commitments” following this (real) announcement that George Osborne is the new editor of the London Evening Standard.

We wouldn’t have believed the latter had the extraordinary revelation been announced on April 1 either.

Georgio’s ‘ideal client’ would be someone who “takes note of fashion while taking care of business” the brilliant April Fool claimed.

2) Yet another job for George Osborne

The Stage newspaper also came up with this one.

3) Prince Harry’s secret wedding

The Daily Mail revealed Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle had tied the knot in Las Vegas with this “exclusive” spread.

That’s some impressive photo-shopping. Wonder who will fall for it?

4) Jacket potato-juggling gorilla

Hang on a minute...
Hang on a minute...
The Metro

The Metro revealed a gorilla at Paignton Zoo had learnt to juggle - using jacket potatoes.

We’d want to see video of Kiondo’s talent - if this was real.

5) Polar bears in Scotland

It's funny but also a little sad
It's funny but also a little sad
The Telegraph

This April 1, The Telegraph reports footage of a polar bear roaming in Scotland, fleeing the melting artic circle, captured by a dog walker, has been verified by the WWF.

Anyone who had to double take hopefully realised ‘Lirpa Loof’ the newspaper’s reported name for the bear (apparently Norwegian for “white and fluffy” is an anagram of ‘April Fool’.

6) UK to withdraw from Eurovision

They didn't address *that* in the Brexit negotiations
They didn't address *that* in the Brexit negotiations
Pink News

Hopefully Eurovision fans weren’t too aghast if they read Pink News’ prank claiming UK was withdrawing from the contest.

UK host Graham Norton was said to be “distraught and angered” by the news.

7) Poundland’s prices going up

That byline though
That byline though
The Sun

The Sun’s exclusive by April Joe-Kerr (geddit) claimed that as of Monday, the price point will be £1.19.

A spokesman for the brand “told The Sun”: “In time we expect £1.19 Land to be as catchy as Poundland and hope customers will grow to love it.”

8) 14-sided pound coin

You won't get us that easily!
You won't get us that easily!
Daily Star

Forget the new 12-sided pound coin, the Daily Star revealed (just in time for April Fools) the search was on for one of two rare 14-sided pound coin worth £500k.

Highlights of the prank include the other coin being offered to the queen and a “gang of keen metal detectors” setting up an open WhatsApp group “in the hope of shedding some news of its whereabouts”.

A Royal Mint spokesperson told the newspaper: “You’ve got be a fool to fall for this.”

9) Double decker hits the Liver Building

The Liverpool Echo pranked its readers with this chocolate-themed video.

One person commented underneath: “That’s got to be the worst April fools ever lol 😂”

10) Volunteer penguin walkers wanted

This college in New Zealand left us wishing this was true.

11) Northern Tusked Porpoise

A mythical creatue was revealed to be real by Michaela Strachan and ORCA:

12) Amazon Alexa for pets

13) England Rugby Sevens training with ostrich eggs instead of rugby balls

Watch out for all the egg-cellent puns.

14) National Trust discovers bronze age chalk duck

15) Burger King Whopper toothpaste

16) Hummus Tic Tacs

We do love hummus but...
We do love hummus but...

”Surprisingly delicious recipe” revealed ahead of Israel Independence Day, reports happyintlv.net.

17) Krispy Kreme changing its name to Krispy Cream

We didn't think it was *that* difficult
We didn't think it was *that* difficult
Huffington Post

’Because people keep mispronouncing it. Read the full story here.

18) World’s first ski resort at sea

The most middle class dilemma ever, solved at last!
The most middle class dilemma ever, solved at last!
Royal Caribbean

Introducing Royal Caribbean’s Piste of the seas - “a truly unique way for holidaymakers to hit the slopes and is ideal for anyone torn between a ski or cruise break.”

19) Skin and tonic

the “ultimate spa experience” from Group On. We wish this was real.

20) Go Compare album

Gio Compario is releasing an album - “Wow That’s What I Call Comparison”.

21) World’s first seahorse race

Paddy Power’s offering.

22) Honda’s horn emojis

Yet another we wish was real.

Happy April 1 everyone and hope you don’t get pranked.

Which April Fool is your favourite? Did you fall for any of them? Let us know in the comments below.


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