01/04/2017 00:00 BST

Stop What You're Doing, You Can Now Babysit Your Own Micro Pig

And pigs might fly.

Animal lovers rejoice, you’re just one step away from babysitting your very own micro pig.

The folks behind BorrowMyDoggy - the site that unites dog owners with dog lovers who volunteer to look after a pooch - have launched a new venture: BorrowMyMicroPig.


According to the site, micro pigs are super popular among us Brits, with 78% of us saying we’d love to spend more time with the little guys.

They’re also affectionate and easy to train, making them the perfect companion for any animal lover. 

“Just like dogs, micro pigs are incredibly intelligent, social, and caring animals,” said Rikke Rosenlund, founder of BorrowMyDoggy, in a statement. “They’re a common option for individuals and families who don’t want a traditional pet and we believe people and piggies across the UK will benefits from happy pig time.”


While we want with all our hearts for this to be true, it’s clearly an April Fools and a mean one at that.

Not only was the story strictly embargoed for April 1, but when users click the sign up link you’re met with this cute, but equally soul-destroying message.


Excuse us while we drown in our own ugly tears 😭