19/04/2016 11:46 BST

Firefighter Captures Terrifying Moment Colleague Leaps Into Lake To Escape A Fire Tornado

Well that escalated quickly...

Firefighters from St Albert in Canada have experienced first hand the absolutely terrifying force of nature that is a fire tornado.

Having been called to a simple bush fire, the firefighters were caught out as the fire suddenly escalated into a swirling tornado of heat and smoke.

Caught on a smartphone by witness Diane Logan and uploaded straight to Twitter, the video shows the terrifying moment the fire grows into a full-on tornado.

What's potentially even scarier is that you can see the scale of the tornado with the firefighters seen at the bottom running for safety.


One of the last to make it out heads straight for the lake and leaps into the water just as the fire reaches its height.

According to the firefighters no-one was hurt during the incident but the fire did end up razing 20 acres of ground.

The fire was reportedly started by nothing more than a small campfire prompting St Albert's fire department to re-issue a strong warning against having open fires.

If caught, the people responsible for the fire could face a fine of up to $10,000.