19/04/2017 15:19 BST

First Dates’ Emma Hailed For Confronting Date Who Previously Ditched Her Via Text During (Very) Awkward Confrontation

Emma is our new spirit animal.

‘First Dates’ made a very welcome return to our screens on Tuesday (18 April) night, but for one of the potential couples, things soon got seriously awkward.

How? Well, imagine if someone dumped you by text, so you signed up for a TV dating show to find a new partner… but then found yourself sitting opposite your ex: 

See what we mean?

When the shock subsided, Emma set about confronting her ex, Peter, and questioning why he thought a text was the best way to call time on their relationship.

He foolishly attempted to make excuses for the way things ended and told her: “I don’t do drama or confrontation.”

“You could have done it in a better way. I don’t do text dumping,” Emma hit back, winning praise from the nation…

In the end, the pair did manage to draw a line under things, as Peter said: “I’m glad this has happened,” to which Emma replied: “It’s really interesting that they’ve matched us and we’re here.”

Emma and Peter aren’t the only ‘First Dates’ pair to have dated before, but things went a little better for Anna and Vince in February’s Valentine’s Day special, and their evening at the restaurant even ended in a kiss.

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