23/05/2017 15:18 BST

'First Dates'-Inspired Restaurant Event Set To Launch, Where Diners Blind Date (Without The Cameras)

Sadly, Fred will not be present.

Camera-shy fans of ‘First Dates’ can now experience the matchmaking magic for themselves, without becoming minor celebrities. 

A restaurant in Nottingham is set to launch a new event inspired by the Channel 4 show, where diners will be paired up for blind dates over dinner. 

The Berliner, in Nottingham, originally designed the event as a one-off, but they’ve received so many applications they’re now considering making it a monthly occurrence. 

Channel 4
First Dates' Fred.

The event’s organiser Sarah Baker said the format of the evening will be “more or less the same as ‘First Dates’ on Channel 4, just without the hassle of TV and London”.

“When they arrive at the bar they’ll be welcomed by our host and given a seat and free cocktail at the bar until their date arrives,” she told the Nottingham Post.

“Then we’ll introduce them to their date, show them to their table and let the magic happen.”

Staff at the restaurant have already started matching pairs after asking their Facebook followers to apply by filling out an online application form about themselves.

The first ‘First Dates at The Berliner’ event will take place on 19 June, from 6.30pm to 11pm. 

Follow The Berliner on Facebook for more information and to apply for future events.

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