30/07/2016 11:00 BST

Mushy From ‘Educating Yorkshire’ Was On ‘First Dates’, And It Was As Basically Perfect


Remember Mushy from ‘Educating Yorkshire’? The schoolchild, full name Musharaf Asghar, who won over the nation, as he powered through his English speaking exam, despite struggling with a speech impediment?

Well, he was on Friday (20 July) night’s episode of ‘First Dates’, and the internet was understandably delighted to see him again. It also brings us great delight to report that he’s grown up into a pretty darn brilliant man.  

The episode saw a nervous Mushy enter the restaurant, where he was greeted by his superstar teacher Mr Burton(!) at the bar, before heading over to the table to meet his date, Selina.

And the resulting dinner was a total delight for fans on Twitter:

There’s good news too, as the ‘First Dates’ team revealed that Mushy and Selina went on another date soon after meeting, and a third is already planned.


Remind yourself of his emotional ‘Educating Yorkshire’ moment below…