11 Things You Learn On Your First Holiday As A Couple

Privacy is non-existent.

Forget asking someone out on a date, the true test of a new relationship is the couple’s minibreak - 48 hours of sharing a bathroom can break the best of us.

But with summer fast approaching, people are snapping up tickets to make sure it is one to remember.

Just be warned lovebirds, these are the 11 things you will learn on your first holiday.

1. That nearly missing your flight is a quick way to test how much you like each other.

2. That people have really different expectations of appropriate hand luggage.

3. That you fancied them much more before you saw their passport photo.

4. That travel snacks are the only way to keep the peace for the next 48 hours.

5. That they can’t read a map (even if they say they can).

6. That trying to go to the toilet in silence is really tricky.

7. That keeping an air of mystery is much harder when you can’t ignore their texts.

8. That taking embarrassing selfies at every major landmark is not everyone’s idea of a good time.

9. That holiday sex is code for tipsy-middle-of-the-day-sex.

10. That you will not get a single moment to yourself.

11. That living with someone you fancy must be exhausting.