Buddha Bowls, Saison And Jack Fruit: The Foodie Items You'll Be Eating In 2017

Move over avocado.

You might not have heard of them yet, but these are the foods that’ll be flying off the shelves in 2017.

This year was twelve months of rainbow bagels, freakshakes, and (still) avocados, but now Pinterest have shared their top predictions for the year ahead, and we are already hungry.

1. Buddha bowls.

Buddha bowls (sometimes referred to as a hippie bowl) are a hearty, filling dish made up of lots of different components including greens, veggies, grains and sometimes toppings of nuts and seeds.

2. Jack fruit.

Pulled pork buns were a staple for 2016, but they were carnivore-exclusive.

Now the vegans and vegetarians are getting in on the act with stewed jack fruit - a member of the fig family.

3. Fried calamari.

Fried calamari is nothing new, but with climate change causing rising sea temperatures, squid is well and truly back on the menu.

4. Empanadas.

Empanadas are basically a distant cousin of the Cornish pasty - little pastry pockets filled with delicious meats and cheese. Perfect for a party.

5. Saison beer.

Saison is a pale ale that is generally around 7% - highly carbonated, fruity, spicy, and tapping into our 2016 love of craft beer.

6. Using a sous vide.

Slow cookers are out for 2017 and sous-vide cooking is in. Food is sealed in airtight plastic bags then placed in a water bath. How French.

7. Naan pizza.

Sourdough pizza was big last year, and now the Indian naan bread is taking over as our base of choice. Easy to make at home too.

8. Sauerkraut.

It may be controversial in the taste department, but sauerkraut is going to be everywhere now. The finely-cut, fermented cabbage is the German equivalent of Marmite, and you better learn to love it.

9. EVOO recipes.

EVOO recipes use the olive oil first cold produced from select olives. Sound pretentious? That’s because it is.

10. Healthy crisps.

2016 saw London open the first ever crisp-only cafe, and next year crisps are getting the clean-eating treatment. We’ll be swapping potatoes for parsnips, kale and courgettes.