Former University of Kentucky Cheerleaders Feature In The Best Engagement Photo


Two former cheerleaders have starred in what is probably the most incredible engagement photo shoot we've ever seen.

Adam and Ashley, who both went to the University of Kentucky, US, are pictured on a beach with a stunning sunset behind them.

Adam is stood with one of his arms in the air, holding Ashley, who is perfectly balanced on his one hand.

Her fingers are spread out in front of her face to show off her engagement ring.

The incredible shot was shared on the University of Kentucky Cheerleading Facebook page yesterday, where it has since racked up more than 19,000 reactions.

One Facebook user commented on the snap: "Oh such a cute and clever announcement! Congrats & Best Wishes!"

While another added: "That's the most awesome engagement celebration pic I've ever seen!! Congratulations. You don't know me... I just appreciate the beauty in this picture."

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