Frankie Boyle's Greatest Insults

NSFW language, obviously.

2) On the 'racist' government

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Frankie Boyle accused the Government of being responsible for bigoted views in Britain, saying "there is racism at the heart of British policy".

Speaking at the High Court, where he was suing the Daily Mirror for libel after they described him as 'Racist comedian Frankie Boyle', he denied that British people are racist.

He said: "I think it is a top down thing. I think you have a lot of rich and Conservative people who control our country who are racist and their views trickle down through things like tabloid papers."

3) On James Arthur

4) On Scottish Independence

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He said in 2014: "I'm all for it. It won't happen. One of the reasons it won't happen is the media is just completely against it. There's a huge level of media bias.

"One of the reasons the BBC is biased against it that never gets mentioned is the BBC raises a licence fee of £300-odd million in Scotland - they won't release the actual figures but it's probably £320 million - and they spend, they say, £160 million, £60 million of which is very probably finessed.

"So it's probably a £200 million a year subsidy to the BBC.

"There's just too many cross-currents in Scottish culture. One of the great things about being pro-independence is I get maybe half a dozen tweets a day telling me that I don't understand economics from Rangers fans."

6) On David Cameron

7) On Nick Clegg

8) On Labour


Boyle had a few choice words for those running to be Ed Miliband's successor. He accused Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper of giving interviews "with the halting, guarded intonation of a hostage". He blasted Liz Kendall for having the "alarming air of an Apprentice candidate" but saved rare praise for Jeremy Corbyn, calling him "one of the few decent politicians remaining in the Labour party".

8) On Jeremy Clarkson

10) On Refugees

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Boyle has used an opinion column to contrast Britain’s response to the slaughter of Cecil the Zimbabwean lion with the death of a migrant at Calais.

Boyle, who has established a theme of surprising people with his political missives,writes for Comment Is Free in the Guardian: “Last week a proud, beautiful, beloved African creature, who’d lived the last years of his life in a fenced compound, was killed by a train in the Channel tunnel.

“That’s the British for you: criticising people fleeing genocide for pushing their children over a perimeter fence, when we’d do it for a 40% discount off an Asda telly.”

11) On #PigGate

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In a blog posted to his website, Boyle mused: “The interesting thing for me is that because the allegation is that he did it in a roomful of people wearing dinner jackets it’s sort of OK.

“If someone had walked in on him doing it alone in his constituency office he’d have had to resign… It’s certainly an upper class thing.

“No working class person has fantasised about sticking their cock in a dead pig’s mouth [since Raul Moat died.]

12) On Chris Brown

13) On Liverpool

14) On One Direction

15) On Syria

16) On Donald Trump

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“Donald Trump has the manner of an arrogant televangelist suspected of murder by Columbo””

“Consider how desperate these doctors are: so desperate that they want to talk to Jeremy Hunt. Surely even Hunt’s wife would rather spend a sleepless 72 hours gazing into a cracked open ribcage than talk to him.”

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