'Bent Baguettes' For Cyclists Are A Stroke Of Genius From French Bakery


A boulangerie has come up with the perfect solution to the most French problem ever: how to get a baguette safely home on your bicycle.

Usually, the French are forced to make the tricky choice between breaking the baguette in half - which not only ruins the aesthetic but leaves crumbs all over your Breton top - or cycling with a big old piece of bread hanging precariously out of the basket.

But now, a bakery in western France has created a ‘bent baguette’, which is not only portable but fit for even the chicest dinner soirée.

Le Darz bakery in Finistère, Western France, announced the new creation on Facebook: “It’s the Biker’s Baguette. No need to cut – it’s already folded in two before cooking.”

”We made it as a nod to all the bikers, but also to amuse ourselves too. We’re ecstatic that you like it,” said the bakery.

The U-shaped baguette, which is a departure from the traditional long stick, has already proven to be a hit with the nation - with various media reporting on the creation.

But some have noted that the loaf, which costs 1€, is five centimes more expensive than the regular baguette.

To this the bakery responded: “Imagine folding 100 sticks – it takes time.”

We hear ya.

[H/T The Local]