Matt LeBlanc Takes On Friends' Millennial Critics: 'I Disagree With All Of That'

He branded the criticisms 'pop shots'.

Matt LeBlanc has addressed the criticism ‘Friends’ has faced after being rediscovered by millennials.

Last month, the hit 1990s show was made available to stream on Netflix, which was met with a wave of excitement from long-time fans of the show.

<strong>The cast of friends in the 1990s</strong>
The cast of friends in the 1990s
NBC via Getty Images

However, when many began re-watching it, they noted that some aspects of the show were rather problematic in 2018, most specifically the absence of people of colour and humour which bordered on homophobic and fat-shaming.

Matt - who played Joey in all 10 seasons of ‘Friends’, and its spin-off based on his character - has now dismissed the controversy, admitting he disagrees with the show’s modern critics.

<strong>Matt LeBlanc</strong>
Matt LeBlanc
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

Comparing the show to his latest venture on the presenting team of ‘Top Gear’, he continued: “On Top Gear, we tend to steer clear of any sort of political content, nothing too topical.

<strong>Matt LeBlanc in a photo call for the first season of 'Friends'</strong>
Matt LeBlanc in a photo call for the first season of 'Friends'
NBC via Getty Images

Other aspects of ‘Friends’ that millenial views took issue with when viewing it for the first time on Netflix include the show’s lack of realism, the polarising fashion choices and, well, the entire character of Ross Geller.

Matt will return for his third series of ‘Top Gear’ on Sunday, while ‘Friends’ is available to stream in full on UK Netflix.

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