This Couple Couldn't Agree On Front Door Colour. Enter A Friendly Postie

The local postwoman stepped in after seeing six different colours of tester paint.
Lizzie Pocklington / SWNS.COM

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A couple who couldn’t decide on a colour to paint their front door were given help from an unlikely source, when their postie left a feedback on her note.

Lizzie Pocklington, 26, had spent over a month trying to find the perfect shade for her door when help came in the form of her postwoman.

Her jet black door is currently lathered with six different colours of tester paint as she tried to visualise which one she liked best.

Seeing the door and the clear creative struggle, a friendly woman postie left a note through the letterbox offering her opinion on the matter.

“Second green up from bottom of door looks the best,” she wrote – followed by a smiley face.

Lizzie Pocklington / SWNS.COM
Lizzie Pocklington / SWNS.COM
Lizzie Pocklington / SWNS.COM

Sadly, Pocklington had already decided to go with her preferred colour – a warm mid-brown London Stone – just a few days before receiving the note and has already spent £72 on the paint.

Pocklington and her boyfriend Martin disagreed on whether the door should be a neutral colour, or Martin’s favoured green tones. They purchased six tester pots and daubed them across the door to see which one they liked the most.

Eventually, Pocklington decided to go with her preference, brushing off both her boyfriend and the postwoman’s suggestion.

The science teacher from Nottingham said: “My boyfriend came into the house and said there was a strange message left by the postie. I looked at it and just started howling because the postie had given us feedback... she said she liked the green – which annoyingly was my boyfriend’s favourite colour which is really gutting. And now I’ve put it on Twitter everyone seems to agree with her.”

Pocklington said she’s afraid to post the finished product when they paint it this weekend after the feedback she received. “Everyone online is saying I’ve made the wrong choice,” she said. “And she is a postie so she’s a door expert as she’s seen plenty.”

Despite her colour concerns, Pocklington said the note did make her day – “it just cheered everyone up” – and Martin is now feeling suitably smug.

“I’d been saying the whole entire time I wanted the door green so I feel really vindicated at the moment. And the tweets all seem to agree with me as well,” the 34-year-old recruiter said.

The couple have began stripping down the black paint and hope to have their shiny new door painted by the weekend.