21 Of The Funniest Jokes About Email Greetings And Signoffs

"When I sign off an email with 'regards' it means I regard you as my foe; one of us will have to go."

If you have ever agonised over how to start or end an email, then you know what anyone who has worked long enough realises: Email salutations and signoffs matter.

As an email expert previously told HuffPost, “A signoff is, to some very great degree, the final indicator of what your relationship is and whether it’s changed.”

If you’re wondering what is the best signoff to use at work, most digital etiquette experts agree that some formulation of “best” or “best wishes” is widely accepted, neutral and pretty safe. But if you’re looking for funnier alternatives that poke fun at the anxieties of email culture, go to Twitter.

Here are some of the funniest insights people on Twitter have had about how to start and end an email to your colleagues: