11 Parents Who Nailed Their Kids' Halloween Costumes

Maybe stick with a black cat next year?

One of the rights that all parents earn (in return for teaching their child how to use a toilet) is being able to dress their child in an embarrassing costume for Halloween.

For these 11 parents, the only thing holding them back was their imagination and the limitations of a sewing machine...

1. The subtle ‘how you really feel about your child’ costume.

2. The warning that ‘children really are bad for your health’ costume.

3. The ‘cautionary reminder of accidental pregnancies’ costume.

4. The ‘prediction of your child’s future relationship prospects’ costume.

5. The ‘no we didn’t forget about Halloween, honest’ costume.

6. The ‘reminder that we have the final say’ costume.

7. The not-so-subtle attempt to get rid of your daughter costume.

8. The ‘what even is that monstrosity’ costume.

9. The ‘attempt to keep them humble’ costume.

10. The ‘is it a peanut or...’ costume.

11. The ‘let’s make them as useful as possible’ costume.

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