9 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Our Feelings Towards Oral Dams

Strawberry flavour is a lie.

Sometimes we feel like we’re the only people who know that condoms aren’t the only safe sex protection that exists.

Dental dams, which are a small square of soft plastic, makes performing oral sex a whole lot safer by protecting you from STIs. While they are much more widely known in the US, they should be better known in the UK.

Dental dams are your friends, people.

1. When you don’t understand why condoms get all the coverage.

2. Seriously, why aren’t they something we all get given in sex ed classes?

3. When other people literally don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

4. And you become the resident dental dam expert.

5. You even have to explain it to your parents.

6. When you finally find a kindred spirit.

7. When you splash out but end up disappointed.

8. And then remember you’re all alone anyway.

9. Guess we’ll have to find an alternative use.