16 Tweets That Sum Up The Intolerable Pain Of LEGO

Slippers at the ready.

When everyone talks about your post-baby body, no one ever mentions that your feet will never be the same again.

As much as we love our children playing with something other than the iPad, having LEGO in the house is just a ticking time bomb.

Slippers at the ready people.

1. The first time you encounter LEGO underfoot.

2. Why did no one warn us about this agony?

3. We should have been more prepared.

4. Trained to deal with the pain.

5. Because nothing else compares to LEGO on bare skin.

6. You can’t imagine it till it happens.

7. Then there it is, the shock of a concealed piece in the carpet.

8. Trying to keep your cool and only swear quietly.

9. Having to accept your home is no longer a safe space.

10. And that the world is conspiring against you.

11. And if it isn’t on the floor, it is causing trouble elsewhere.

12. Financially ruining us.

13. And being used as a passive aggressive weapon by other parents.

14. Then you realise the pain is actually a metaphor for parenting in general.

15. And LEGO has officially taken over your life.

16. We know what we need on our Christmas list.

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