7 Funny Tweets That'll Have You Hee-Hawing Into The Weekend

From an inadvertently sarcastic granny to a dog with a penchant for whipped cream, enjoy five minutes of respite from the news.

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We’re officially at the stage where we don’t know how long we’ve been in lockdown, nor when we last left the house. But we do know it’s Friday – and that means two days of baking banana bread and binge-watching Netflix.

In the spirit of getting you ‘weekend ready’, here are some tweets that have truly lifted our mood this week, featuring dogs, unintentionally pass-agg grannies and some laugh-out-loud voiceovers.

1. This dog is all of us once the whipped cream comes out.

Hello. Yes please.

2. YouTuber asks her male pals to narrate her makeup video.

These guys are perplexed by many things during this makeup tutorial, including the foundation shade she uses and the fact she’s “drawing on a jaw line, bro”.

When it comes to applying the eyeliner, things get tense. “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU DRAWING INSIDE THE EYE?!” Unsurprisingly, it’s had 1.25m views.

3. Grandma’s “heroes” cake for NHS workers is hilariously pass agg.

So much inadvertent shade to grandson Dr Luke and his colleagues. Lovely effort though.

4. A Joe Wicks workout with a difference.

A comedic take on the Joe Wicks workout with... Jo Wickes, featuring ‘midward dog’, short shorts and the catchy slogan: If you ain’t pantin’, I’m rantin’.

Might get that put on a mug.

5. Gordon Ramsay’s youngest takes after daddy already.

That scowl. There’ll be no messing with Oscar when he’s in the kitchen, we’ll tell you that now.

6. Woman explains to her dog why her adult daughter moved back in.

The dog’s face says it all. So much meaning in those eye movements.

7. Everyone is meme-ing their quarantine.

People are finding the perfect meme to describe their isolation experience, and we couldn’t agree more with all of these tbh.