08/07/2017 21:39 BST | Updated 09/07/2017 08:44 BST

Five Eyebrow-Raising Moments From Jeremy Corbyn At The Durham Miners' Gala

The biggest festival of socialism in Europe is a colourful affair.

It is the biggest festival of socialism in Europe and this year “the absolute boy” Jeremy Corbyn was the star attraction. 

So, with 200,000 people in a field, a licensed bar close by and a lost election to celebrate, this year’s Durham Miners Gala was always going to be a colourful affair. 

Here are a few highlights. 

PA Wire/PA Images
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn watches the parade from the balcony of the Royal County Hotel during the Durham Miners' Gala in Durham

1, Someone tried to upstage Corbyn during his speech.

The woman was heard to shout “it’s the same old story” at the Labour leader, but it was not clear why. 

Corbyn went to his inner allotment and returned as Monsieur Zen to handle the situation, calmly telling the crowd he will “talk to anyone”. 

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird eventually had to step in to sort out the situation alongside some officers. 

2, The Communist League were in town

Members elling copies of The Militant and calling on people to “defend and emulate the Cuban revolution”. 

This left most County Durham folk, who were there to listen to brass bands for a family day out with their kids, a bit baffled when greeted with the word “comrades”. 

Communist League
Copies of The Militant, on sale at Durham Miners' Gala
Rachel Wearmouth

You could also buy a copy of ‘The Jewish Question’ and ‘The Communist Manifesto’ from their stand or join the Marx Memorial Library. 

Rachel Wearmouth

3, There is zero threat of a Tory surge here

Margaret Thatcher is not exactly “the absolute girl” at this event. This rug, on sale in one of the exhibition tents, speaks for itself. 

Rachel Wearmouth

4, They have finally found a use for Remain campaign banners

And that use is separating the men’s portable loos from the women’s. 

Rachel Wearmouth
Waste not, want not 

5, Theresa May and Arlene Foster got married

Well, sort of. The CWU created this cardboard cut-out of the pair to mark the post-election deal between the Conservatives and the DUP and have a dig at the DUP’s opposition to gay marriage.  

Everyone wanted to have their photo taken with the happy couple. 

Rachel Wearmouth
Theresa and Arlene sitting in a tree ....